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  • Client to advisor ratio of 40 to 1, fostering superior and prompt service. 
  • One service fee covers coordinated financial planning and investment advisory services.


Vanguard Research Quantifies the Value of Advice (March 10, 2014)

According to the report, an advisor can add value by:

Being an effective behavioral coach. Helping clients maintain a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach is arguably one of the most important elements of financial advice. (Potential value add: up to 1.50%.)
Applying an asset location strategy. The allocation of assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts is one tool an advisor can employ that can add value each year. (Potential value add: from 0% to 0.75%.)
Employing cost-effective investments. This critical component of every advisor’s tool kit is based on simple math: Gross return less costs equals net return. (Potential value add: up to 0.45%.)

Maintaining the proper allocation through rebalancing. Over time, as its investments produce various returns, a portfolio will likely drift from its target allocation. An advisor can add value by ensuring the portfolio’s risk/return characteristics stay consistent with a client’s preferences. (Potential value add: up to 0.35%.)

Implementing a spending strategy.  As the retiree population grows, an advisor can help clients make important decisions about how to spend from their portfolios. (Potential value add: up to 0.70%.)

Schiavi + Dattani incorporates all of the above through a coordinated, fiduciary-based approach to providing personalized financial advice.


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