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At Schiavi + Dattani, we combine Financial Planning and Investment Management in a carefully integrated process. Our leading edge technology allows us to enhance client service, prepare meaningful retirement and education funding analysis, and accomplish tax efficient portfolio management.  We believe that our services are best suited for clients with household financial assets of at least $1 million, or the ability to attain that level in a relatively short time frame.  


The essence of financial planning is to maximize available financial resources to enhance the achievement of your goals, while managing unforeseen events. This requires a thorough understanding of all financial matters that could impact your life, including investment selection, income and estate planning, debt management, education expense funding, retirement accumulation and distribution planning, employee benefit maximization, asset ownership and titling, and insurance planning. Our advisors spend an average of eighty hours on each financial plan preparation, taking no short cuts to create quality recommendations.


Investment Management is tailored to support your specific Financial Planning objectives. It includes establishing an appropriate Investment Policy Statement, and the design, implementation, and monitoring of your investment portfolio. The portfolio will be specifically designed to achieve your goals and objectives, taking into consideration your values and stage of life. The recommended investment allocation carefully considers your risk tolerance and risk capacity.

Attention to detail in the investment process extends to evaluating the expected tax efficiency of an investment, considering existing tax laws, and assigning investments to accounts that provide the most tax efficiency. This is an uncommon practice in the investment management business.

Our extraordinarily high client retention rate is testament to the financial peace of mind that results from the firms financial planning and investment management.


At Schiavi + Dattani we believe the best way to help most individuals achieve their goals is through our coordinated financial planning and investment advisory services.  However, we understand that this coordinated approach cannot be provided on a cost effective basis to everyone with a need for unbiased financial advice.  As a result, we offer hourly consultations with one of our professional advisors when we believe this limited service to be in your best interest.

If you would like to discuss our services in greater detail, please contact us.

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